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Dust collector

Dust collector

In general, we call the equipment that can separate the dust from the smoke the dust collector or the dust removal machine. The dust collector’s properties are mainly determined by the disposable gas amount, the resistance loss of the air when it passes the dust collector and the dust removal efficiency. Additionally, factors like the price, operation and maintenance expense, service life and the management and operation difficulty will also influence the dust collector’s performance. The dust collector is a common facility used in the boiler and other industrial production lines.

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The dust air enters the filtering chamber via the ash bucket and the coarse particles fall into the ash bucket or ash bin. The dust air is filtered by the filter bag and the dust is retained on the surface of the filter bag. The filtered air flows to the clean air chamber through the bag and a great amount of air is discharged from the draught fan. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag accumulates and the device resistance rises to the set value, the time relay outputs signal and the program control starts to work. When we open the pulse valve in turns, we use the compressed air to blow and remove ash towards the filter bag via the nozzle. After the filter bag expands suddenly, the dust attaching to the filter bag surface is separated to the ash bucket in the action of the counterblast. The dust is discharged from the cinder valve and the dust collector goes back to normal.

Dust collector

Technical Parameters

Model filtering area
fan model The fan motor Number of filter bag note
DMC24 18 1080~2160 4-72-3.2A Y90L-2-1.5kw 24   
DMC36 27 1620~3240 4-72-3.6A Y100L-2-3kw 36   
DMC48 36 2160~4320 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 48   
DMC64 48 2880~5760 4-68-4A Y112M-2-4kw 64   
DMC80 60 3600~7200 4-72-4A Y132S1-2-5.5kw  80  
DMC96 72 4320~8640 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  96  
DMC112 84 5040~10800 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  112  
DMC128 96 5760~11520 4-72-4.5A Y132S2-2-7.5kw  128 Selecting Based on Air Volume.
More Dust, Lower Filter Wind Speed.
8640~14400 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  128
DMC150 112.5 6750~13500 4-72-5A Y160M2-2-15kw  150
10000~20000 4-68-6.3C Y180M-2-22kw  150
DMC180 135 12000~24000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-30kw  180 Multipe Dust Collection & Location Timing.
A Settling Room is a Must.
DMC220 165 15000~34000 4-72-8C Y200L-2-37kw  220

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