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High-Efficiency Concentrator

High-Efficiency Concentrator

  • Capacity: 5.6–6250 t/d

  • Total weight: 1.8–204.6 t

  • Applied material: slime, waste water, waste slag, etc

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Brief In High-Efficiency Concentrator

The concentrator is widely used in the treatment of mineral mud, wastewater, waste slag in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemistry, building materials and environmental protection. It is of great significance to improve the utilization of return water and the concentration of underflow transport and to protect environment.

In the industrial beneficiation process, the wet concentrate sorted by the flotation machine or the magnetic separator is transported to the concentrate pool for concentration and sedimentation. The concentrator is mainly composed of a circular concentrating tank and a squeegee scraper. The high-efficiency concentrator is not simply a sedimentation device, but a new type of dewatering device that combines the filtration characteristics of the mud layer.


1. The concentrator is simple in structure and equipped with complete self-control facilities for automated production.

2. The sedimentation speed is fast and the equipment has inclined plates, increasing the settlement area and the processing capacity can be increased by 30-50%.

3. Concentrate dewatering can ensure the quality of concentrators, improve the utilization of concentrate, reduce transportation costs and save water resources.

Technical Parameters

Specification Deposit square(m2) Processing capacity (t/d)
Model Specification Pond degree
NZS-1 Φ1.8m 2.54 5.6
NZS-3 Φ3.6m 10.2 22.4
NZS-6 Φ6m 28.3 62
NZSF-6 Φ6m 28.3 62
NZ-9 Φ9m 63.6 140
NZS-9 Φ9m 63.6 140
NZS-12 Φ12m 113 250
NZ-15 Φ15m 176 350
NZ-20 Φ20m 314 960
NZ-30 Φ30m 707 ----
NZS-45 Φ45m 1590 515
NT-15 Φ15m 177 390
NQ-18 Φ18m 255 560
NQ-24 Φ24m 452 1000
NQ-30 Φ30m 707 1570
NJ-38 Φ38m 1134 1600
NT-45 Φ45m 1590 2400
NTJ-53 Φ53m 2202 6250
NT-100 Φ100m 7846 3030

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