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200 Mesh Talcum Powder Production Line Price and Configuration

Author : Amy|30,10,2018

Talc is a kind of silicate mineral, that is at the bottom of Mohs hardness coefficient because of its soft physical properties. Natural talc is often lumpy or flaky, often used for refractory and other medicinal purposes. The various forms of talcum powder are processed and crushed, and the largest demand of talcum powder is for 200 meshes. The senior engineer of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co, Ltd. has designed the most mature talcum powder production line after analyzing various data.

The equipment configuration of FTM 200 mesh talcum powder production line

Jaw crusher→Bucket elevator→Electric-magnetic vibration feeder→High pressure grinding mill→Combined separator

•FTM jaw crusher: Unique jaw head design; High efficiency and energy-saving; Simple structure; Superior soundness and reliable; Long service life.

•FTM bucket elevator: Inflow feeding mode; Small fuselage collision; Wide application range; Low driving rate.

•FTM electric-magnetic vibration feeder: High working rate; No friction among the rotating parts; No lubrication need; Simple installation and convenient maintenance.

•FTM high pressure grinding mill: Under the action of the spring, the grinding roll makes the double grinding pressure on the grinding ring, at the same time greatly reduce its energy consumption. The good airtight system will not cause leakage of dust, so the dust emissions can fully meet the national discharge standard.

•FTM combined-type separator: Simple design plays an important role in high yield of powder selection.

The equipment configuration of FTM 200 mesh talcum powder production line

The factors affecting 200 mesh talcum powder production line price

A complete production line structure is complex and diverse, so its price positioning cannot be determined by a single factor, it is affected by many factors.

•The performance and configuration of talcum powder production line

Production line is not alone but like the teamwork, its production efficiency is subject to the constraints of various parts’ performance, such as the stone crusher, feeder, grinding mill and other parts in this talcum powder production line. To see whether they can work in the unified rhythm, unified progress and unified efficiency, and to achieve the maximum economic value of the entire production line at the lowest cost.

•The scale of the production line

Materials have different sizes, so the equipment with different specifications and the scale of the whole production line is also different. The material cost and artificial cost between the large-scale and the small-scale production line have large differences, which has played a decisive factor for the price positioning of the talcum powder production line.

•Brand effect

The equipment has the manufacturer identifications, so the production lines naturally have brand restrictions, there are three classifications of production line, including international famous brand, China famous brand and other brand, no one is better than anyone else, but the price is so different that it can only be attributed to the brand impact, also called the brand effect.

200 mesh talcum powder production line

The fluctuation of 200 mesh talcum powder production line equipment price is along with market, but no matter how large the market change is, FTM talcum powder grinding production line has always been the affordable price showing to the customers, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co, Ltd. will always pursue to manufacture the high-quality and inexpensive mining equipment, if you need the equipment of 200 mesh talcum powder production line or have other related suggestions, welcome to communicate with us.

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