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Can a Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Process Dolomite?

Author : Amy|06,11,2018

Dolomite belongs to the carbonate mineral, which is the main mineral composition of dolomite and dolomite limestone. There are abundant resources of dolomite deposits and the proven reserves can meet the needs of economic construction. So for a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, can it be used to crush dolomite? What's the effect? These are the problems that people are concerned about. In this case, I will take you to do the detailed analysis of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The advantage display of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in processing dolomite

1.Great crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and high yield

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher by adopting the intergranular lamination principle to design the special crushing cavity and the matching speed, to replace the traditional crushing principle of dolomite single-grain, the intergranular lamination principle combines the higher speed with stroke, and makes the power rating and throughput of multi-cylinder hydraulic crusher rise greatly, so as to improve the dolomite crushing ratio and production efficiency.

2. Less consumption of the vulnerable parts, reliable operation, low operating cost

Two-way over-iron release hydraulic cylinder can let iron blocks smoothly through the crushing chamber, and in the event of over iron and instantaneous stuffy machine, the hydraulic cylinder will rise to make the material automatic discharging, which avoids the downtime maintenance operation of the spring cone crusher; All parts of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has wear-resisting protection, reducing maintenance costs to the minimum limit, can improve the service life more than 30% commonly, and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is very suitable for application in large dolomite processing plants, and solves the small crushing ratio, large energy consumption and faster wear problems of other stone crushers.

3.Laminated crushing, excellent particle size

The intergranular laminated principle is adopted to design the special crushing cavity and the matching speed, which realizes the selective crushing of the dolomite material, improves the fine material proportion and the cube content of the finished product, and largely reduces the needle-flake dolomite material.

4.Various types of crushing chamber, flexible application, applicability

Compared with other types of crusher with only one kind of crushing chamber, the crushing chamber of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be transformed at will from the standard ultra-coarse chamber to short-head hyperfine chamber only by replacing the fixed cone plate and the moving cone plate, it can adapt to a wide range of product size requirements.

The advantage display of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in processing dolomite

The model selection of dolomite multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

When the users select the corresponding crusher to process dolomite material, their daily demands are different, in this kind of circumstance, they need to compare the different multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher models to choose and buy, to avoid choosing the wrong model. In Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., there are the complete models of FTM multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, it can meet the different demands of the users, in general, there are some models with small processing capacity such as HXHP200 and HXHP300, as well as the models with large processing ability such as HXHP400, HXHP500, HXHP800, etc. How to select a suitable model of FTM multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher? You can consult FTM customer service staff online at any time, and they will give you the best satisfaction.

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