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The Detailed Description of Coal Briquette Machine Components

Author : Amy|12,11,2018

Coal briquette machine is mainly used to press the difficultly formed coal powder materials, FTM coal briquette machine has reliable quality and strong pressure by adopting the advanced manufacturing technology, which is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises to establish the coal production line with certain production scale.

Coal briquette machine

In this passage, we will make a detailed introduction of FTM coal briquette machine components. The forming of FTM coal briquette machine is made up of three parts: the feeding part; driving part; forming part.

•The feeding part is mainly to achieve the quantitative feeding to ensure that the material enters into the roller evenly.

•The driving part: The main rotation system is motor - triangle strip - reducer –open gear - roller.

•The forming part mainly refers to the host part of coal briquette machine and its core part is the roller.

The host of coal briquette machine is powered by electromagnetic regulating the regulating motor speed. The power is transmitted to the driving shaft passing through the rod pin coupling through the belt pulley and the cylindrical gear reducer. The driving shaft and the passive shaft are guaranteed to run synchronously with the open gear. Hydraulic device is installed behind the passive bearing block.

The spiral feeding device is driven by an electromagnetic speed regulator and a motor, and rotated by a belt pulley and a vortex rod reducer, speed regulating motor, to forced press the material into the inlet of the coal briquette machine. Because of the constant torque characteristic of the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, when the pressing material volume of the spiral feeder is equal to the amount of material required for the host, the coal briquette machine can keep the feeding pressure to make the finished coal ball mass stable. If the material feeding quantity is too large, the feeding device is overloaded, the material is blocked to causing the power waste; If too small, the coal powder can not be produced into coal briquette. Therefore, the good command of operation skill is an essential condition to ensure the normal operation of coal briquette machine.

The hydraulic protection device can make the piston to produce axial displacement, which is achieved by the hydraulic pump driving the high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder. The front end of the piston rod is attached to the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirements. When feeding too much or entering the metal block between two compression rollers, the piston rod of hydraulic cylinder will be overloaded, hydraulic pump will stop, the energy accumulator will act the buffer effect to the pressure change, the overflow valve will be open to return oil, and then the piston rod will shift to enlarge the gap between two compression rollers, so that the hard stuff can pass through the compression rollers, the system pressure returns to normal and protect the compression roller from damage. The pressure of FTM coal briquette machine can be adjusted according to the requirement of pressure ball density and its production is flexible.

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