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No matter how tough the rock is, jaw crusher can subdue it!

Top five of hard rock

No.1:Quartz, Mohs hardness scale 7.

No.2:Feldspar,Mohs hardness scale 6.

No.3:Apatite, Mohs hardness scale 5

No.4:Fluorite,Mohs hardness scale 4.

No.5:Calcite, Mohs hardness scale 3.

Jaw crusher’s strength for crushing the hard rock

Jaw crusher’s strength for crushing the hard rock

1. High crushing strength and large output

FTM jaw crusher draws on the advanced technology, aiming at the high hardness rock, the crushing strength is greater with the finite element analysis technology; The crushing cavity has a large depth, but there is no dead end, the crushing range is further enlarged, the feed quantity is more, and the feed frequency is reduced, so the output is higher.

2. Bearing with long service life

First of all, the unique jaw head design of FTM jaw crusher ensures the long service life of bearing at a certain extent, secondly, FTM jaw crusher eccentric shaft specifications have been innovated, the bearing is larger, its bearing capacity is stronger, and service life is longer.

3. Simple and fast, safe and smooth

The special flywheel design of FTM jaw crusher guarantees the possibility of machine vibration, so that the machine can operate stably while working. The discharge port is equipped with a new type of wedge adjustment device, which is easier to check and repair with less time.

Analysis of jaw crusher price

The prices of different types jaw crushers in the market are different. There are many factors influencing jaw crusher price, which will be listed below for reference.

jaw crusher price

1.Area factors

The geographical position affects the economic benefit development of the whole area. The transportation of coastal cities is convenient and developed in China, so their economy is higher and the price is naturally higher; The national strategy also can take the initial advantage to some cities, it will also promote the economic growth and price increasing.

2.Transportation cost

The mining machinery is different from the general trading objects, it is bulky, not easy to carry, so it needs professional transportation facility. If it is a long journey, it will need a lot of money for transportation.

3. Machine itself factor

The machine itself mainly refers to both the quality and the technology. Generally speaking, the better the quality, the more advanced the technology, the higher the sales, the higher price, more in line with the market demand. For example, the price of an automatic pencil is three to five times as much as an ordinary pencil.

4.Brand factor

The brand is the additional value of the product, that is, extra income. In our daily life, there are a lot of similar products, a particular brand is often twice larger than the regular one, this is because once a product can be called the brand product, its quality and credibility is endowed with invisible security.

Fote Machinery manufactures various series and models of jaw crushers for different materials, no matter how tough the rock or stone is, FTM jaw crusher can subdue it. So if you have some needs, please contact us without hesitation, we will offer our best service and most suitable products for you!

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