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How to Enhance the Recovery Rate of Different Iron Ores

There are many kinds of iron ore, so most of factories are at a loss in the face of the mineral processing problems, in fact, as long as mastering some mineral processing technology, iron ore dressing is not a difficult task. Different iron ores, their ore dressing technologies are very distinct, only to find the specific treatment can achieve the optimal beneficiation effect. Next is the iron ore beneficiation technology explained by Fote Machinery experts.

Iron Ore Dressing Machine

● Magnetite

1.Single magnetite

Single magnetite is the mineral with the relatively long history, its composition structure is simple, ordinarily, single magnetite can be processed by adopting the weak magnetic separation method. The following points should be noted during the magnetic separation process:

(1) In large and medium-sized ore dressing plants, they adopt two-stage magnetic separation for the ground ore with a particle size less than 0.2mm and adopting one-stage magnetic separation on the ground ore with a particle size larger than 0.2mm.

(2) Dry-type magnetic separation can be used to remove the gangue in the water-deficient area.

(3) The higher grade concentrate can be obtained by the reverse flotation treatment of magnetite concentrate.

2.Multi-metallic magnetite

The multi-metallic magnetite refers to the ore containing the chalcopyrite or cobalt pyrite, often handled with the combination of weak magnetic separation and flotation methods, that is to say, using the weak magnetic separation to recycle the iron concentrate from minerals, then the apatite, sulfide and other valuable minerals can be recovered by flotation process. This kind of ore is usually self-melting, so we should pay special attention to keep the self-fluxing nature of concentrate well.

●Weak-magnetic iron ore

1. Single weak-magnetic iron ore

The common single weak-magnetic iron ore is divided into metamorphic type and sedimentary type, such as siderite, limonite, hematite, etc., this class of iron ore has more beneficiation methods, commonly are roasting magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation and strong magnetic separation methods, the ore dressing plants can also adopt the combination process according to their concentrate needs.

2. Polymetallic weak-magnetic iron ore

The polymetallic weak-magnetic iron ore is mainly the sedimentary-type: phosphorus oolitic hematite as well as the hydrothermal-type: apatite hematite, copper sulfide siderite, etc. FTM experts suggest that the mineral processing plants generally adopt the combination processes of gravity concentration, strong magnetic separation and flotation for this type of iron ore.


1. Single magnet-hematite(siderite)

This type of ore contains abundant magnetite, siderite and hematite, the main gangue mineral is quartz, there are two kinds of commonly used beneficiation methods, one is to combine the weak-magnetic separation with gravity separation, flotation and strong-magnetic separation. The other is the magnetization roasting magnetic separation.

2. Multi-metallic magnet-hematite(siderite)

The associated minerals of such ore are pyrite, chalcopyrite, rare-earth minerals, etc. Its mineral processing method is relatively complicated, the most commonly used method is the process of combining the weak-magnetic separation with other methods, also can use the gravity separation, magnetic separation or flotation to recycle the weak-magnetic minerals and associated minerals from such ore.


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