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The Description and Application of Lead-zinc Rod Mill

Author : Amy|22,12,2018

The description of lead-zinc ore

The main metal elements of lead-zinc ore are lead and zinc. Due to the high utilization value of lead and zinc, they are widely used in electric, mechanical, metallurgical, chemical and other industrial fields. FTM lead-zinc rod mill is developed according to the nature of the lead-zinc mine, it is a new efficient rod mill equipment with high use value and the affordable price, so that it can meet the price requirements of customers who have just joined lead-zinc mine industry. Here we mainly offer our introduction about some relevant knowledge of FTM lead-zinc rod mill.

Characteristics of lead-zinc rod mill

1.Lead-zinc rod mill compared with other equipment can save about more than 40% power.

2.The lead-zinc rod mill adopts advanced rod mill technology, it is configured the appropriate grinding medium combined with the lead-zinc ore material, to make the discharging granularity of material more uniform and improve the production of lead-zinc mine.

3.By simple adjustment of the lead-zinc mine rod mill, the finished grain size of the discharge port can be changed, and its interior has a special device for adjusting the material fineness, so as to ensure that the material is not over-grinding.

4.In the process of coarse grinding, the handling capacity of the rod mill is much larger than that of the ball mill with the same specification.

5.In the operation of lead-zinc rod mill, the operation is relatively smooth, so the frequency of failure is very low and the maintenance number is decreased.

Lead-Zinc Rod Mill

Application of lead-zinc rod mill

1.Lead-zinc rod mill is widely used in the gravity separation and magnetic separation of the rare metal ore, in order to prevent the adverse effects of material over-grinding, so at this circumstance the rod mill is often used in the production line.

2.When we need a two-stage grinding process to finish the material grinding, we can use the available rod mill as the first stage grinding equipment to effectively improve the production efficiency, but when we need the fine grinding equipment in both grinding processes, its production efficiency is much lower than other equipment, so it is not suitable in this situation.

3.In some cases, the rod mill can be used in fine-grinding operation instead of the short head cone crusher. When dealing with the not too hard ores or soft ores, the rod mill compared with the short-head cone crusher, its configuration is simpler, cost is lower, and the dust removal effect is better. But for those hard ores, the short-head cone crusher may be more appropriate than the rod mill.

Lead-zinc rod mill manufacturer---Fote Machinery

Rod Mill Manufacturer

Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer of lead-zinc mine rod mill. We have the large equipment production plant and facilities, have our own professional technical group and sales group, meanwhile, we have the certain experience of the lead-zinc rod mill production.

The quality of lead-zinc rod mill is guaranteed. All of our equipment must go through layer upon layer inspection, and we also equip with professional quality inspection personnel for the equipment quality detection. The equipment that meet the quality requirements can be sold, not only is the quality good but the price of the equipment is also very cheap, the price is set in the range that the consumer can accept.

After-sales service level is high. We have professional and technical personnel to recommend the right equipment for the customer, we also equipped with after-sales service personnel for equipment installation and debugging, offer free operating knowledge training for the equipment operation personnel and inform them the maintenance process and other considerations. In addition, if you have the problem of equipment, you can also call our free telephone for consultation, and there will be professional people to answer for you.

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