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The Technical Innovation Summary of FTM Raymond Grinding Mill

Author : Amy|20,10,2018

Stone is the important non-metallic mineral materials, the production trend for stone is more and more high-purity, refined and automated, mechanical production method is the main processing method of the superfine grinding industry at present, in order to be able to reach the production of high efficiency, energy saving and low-cost goal, FTM grinding mill manufacturer specially researches and develops the Raymond grinding mill. The following is a summary of the technology innovation of FTM Raymond grinding mill.

Raymond grinding mill

1. Unique longitudinal oscillation mode

The pendulum shaft is placed upright (longitudinal oscillation), the grinding rod device being thrown out while the pendulum shaft is swinging. When the main central shaft rotates to make the roller device produce the centrifugal force, the centrifugal force of the upright pendulum shaft is larger nearly 35% than the suspension pendulum, thereby increasing the crushing and grinding energy for powder. The unique longitudinal oscillation mode makes grinding roller and grinding ring parallel line contact, which is more conducive to powder crushing and even wear of grinding area, and extending the life of wear-resistant parts.

2. The roller sealing device with multilayer barrier structure

Roller device working in the high-dust concentration environment for of working environment, by adopting the technology of floating oil seal, the floating oil seal is a rotating ring and a stationary ring having mutual friction with the sleeve, and the preload of the rubber spring always presses the rotary ring and the stationary ring tightly, which can effectively protect dust to enter, maintain the normal working state of the roller assembly and greatly reduce the maintenance time of Raymond mill.

3. The star rack with new structure

The new structure of the star rack is compact, reasonable and reliable, it is not necessary to disassemble it to update the grinding ring, so it can reduce the maintenance time, also avoid the additional trouble caused by the disassembly and assembly of star rack as previous Raymond mill.

Ramon mill structure

4. Turbine classification technique

Using large turbine classifier with large quantity and high classification efficiency, it can make the finished product granularity adjusted freely among 0.18mm ~ 0.025 mm, at the same time, the Raymond mill uses the gas sealing barrier technology, so the classification accuracy is high, and it can ensure the stability of the finished product pass rate.

5. Off-line cleaning pulse dust collection system

The new FTM Raymond mill uses the off-line cleaning pulse dust collecting system, it has good dust cleaning effect, the cleaning pulse has long service life, dust collecting efficiency is as high as 99.99%, so that it can adapt to the high dust concentration and the large moisture collection conditions better.

6. Automatic feeding control system

By inputting the analog quantity into the automatic feeding control system, the feeding speed of the feeder is controlled by the frequency converter, and the feeding system feeds materials evenly, so that the Raymond mill can achieve the high productivity.

FTM Raymond grinding mill

FTM Raymond grinding mill with unique longitudinal oscillation mode has largely increased the centrifugal force and improved the grinding capacity of grinding equipment, plus its innovative of classification, dust collecting and control system, all showed that FTM Raymond grinding mill is distinctive. Welcome your inquiry!

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