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Introduction of Iron ore magnetic separator parameters

Author : Amy|21,09,2018

Iron ore is the most common ferrous metal. According to the types of iron ore, it can be divided into two kinds: weak-magnetic iron ore and strong-magnetic iron ore. Due to the obvious magnetic difference between iron mineral particles and gangue mineral particles in iron ore, and because of the large iron ore production and the high requirement of raw ore treatment, the ore dressing of iron ore is mainly realized by magnetic separation.

Iron ore magnetic separator

Iron ore magnetic separator

Iron ore magnetic separator is a kind of mechanical equipment which selects iron composition in iron ore powder or other mediums by magnetic force. Iron ore magnetic separator is widely used in mining, kiln industry and other factories in the recovery of resources. Iron ore magnetic separator is suitable for wet or dry magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials with grain size below 3mm. It is also used for iron removal from coal, non-metallic ore, building materials and so on.

Iron ore magnetic separator

The magnetic system of iron ore separator is mostly made of high-quality ferrite material or that combined with rare earth magnetic steel. Formerly, the average magnetic induction intensity of the tube surface is 800-4000mT. At present, due to the development of technology, the iron ore magnetic separator can be made into stick shape, and the magnetic field intensity is increased to 8,000 Mt, which is the highest measured magnetic field strength.

Parameter specification of iron ore magnetic separator

The most common iron ore magnetic separators in our company have 13 specifications.specifications. The cylinder diameter×cylinder length is between 600*1200 and 1500*3000, and the model CTB6012 to model CTB1530. The rotational speed of the cylinder is inversely proportional to the size of magnetic separator. The bigger the cylinder is, the lower the speed is. The highest speed is 35 r / min, and the lowest speed is 14 r / min. The grain size of the iron ore magnetic separator with different parameters varies little,the material feeding size is between 0-3mm. The output of the big model is the highest, and the maximum processing capacity of FTM iron ore magnetic separator is 280 t / h. A list of common specifications is included as follows:

Model Feeding size
Processing capacity
CTB6012 2-0 10-20
CTB6018 2-0 15-30
CTB7518 2-0 20-45
CTB9018 3-0 40-60
CTB9021 3-0 45-60
CTB9024 3-0 45-70
CTB1018 3-0 50-75
CTB1021 3-0 50-100
CTB1024 3-0 60-120
CTB1218 3-0 80-140
CTB1224 3-0 85-180
CTB1230 3-0 100-180
CTB1530 3-0 170-280

Different materials need different processing requirements. In addition to the above common specifications, FTM company can also customize it according to users’ demand. Any requirements for magnetic separators, welcome to inquire our online engineers.

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